Fortuna Beach Hotel is a sunbather's dream and nature seeker's paradise. Located 50 meters from the beach where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, the hotel features a marvelous view of the Nimera Peninsula in IƧmeler, Turkey. Fortuna Beach Hotel with its comfortable, newly refurbished rooms is awaiting all guests to offer them an undisturbed and memorable stay.

The Fortuna team acknowledges each guest as a special individual with certain needs; therefore it is our number one priority to try to meet your each and every request. The Fortuna Beach Hotel team wants no guest to leave unsatisfied. "We know what quality means and what it takes to make our guests satisfied customers."

Please take a few moments to look through our website. You will find our amenities are many, our rooms are newly refurbished, and the value for your money is unbelievable. You will surely want to make Icmeler, Turkey your next vacation destination and Fortuna Beach Hotel your next vacation resort.